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Germany is place which truly cares for the students. A student can find high quality teaching facilities and that too for free even for international students! Great isn’t it? Though, not every university provides free education. The public universities are mostly free. The private universities do charge fee from the students. Eligibility for free education The education in German public universities is absolutely tuition-free. It doesn’t matter where in the world you belong to, Germany always has something great to offer. However, if you belong to countries apart from the EU or EEA, you do need a residence permit before arriving there and have to complete your education in Germany. When the education is not free? German Private Universities charge tuition fee along with some public universities located in Baden-Württemberg charge tuition fees from students not belonging to EU or EEA. Still the tuition fee is a mere 1,500 Euro to 3,000 Euro per Semester. The Master’s degrees in Germany are distinguished as ‘Consecutive’ and ‘Non-consecutive’ programs. The consecutive master’s degrees do not require any work experience. While in the case of Non-consecutive master’s program, the university demands for work experience as well as charges fee for the program. Non-consecutive include Executive MBA and some other courses offered by the university. There is no tuition fee in public universities of any of the other state in Germany. Living costs in Germany The average living cost for a student is almost 800-900 Euros per month depending on the city you live in. Although there is no tuition fee in Germany, you will be required to pay ‘Administrative Fee’ of about 300 to 400 Euro per semester. Scholarships to study in Germany Germany provides ample scholarship opportunities to the international students. If you decide to study in a private university and need financial aid, then you can check out the official scholarship database offered by the German Academic Exchange Service. Here at GGS Overseas, we provide you the easiest and the most convenient pathways to begin your journey for your dream place.

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