Question 1: What are your services?

Answer: This includes, Counseling, Exam preparation, admission processing, visa assistance, pre departure, post arrival services, & scholarship and funding solutions.We aim to provide one stop solution form searching an university till you land in a suitable Carrer.

Question 2: Why Should I Study Abroad?

Answer: Everyone has different experiences and reasons for studying abroad. Some students will study abroad to discover a new career path or to look good in job interviews, while other might want to gain interpersonal skills. Why not hear what other students have said on our testimonials page.

Question 3:  Am I eligible to apply for a bachelor’s degree course?

Answer: Yes there are a variety of courses to choose from.  

Question 4: Do you provide any help in securing scholarships?

Answer: Yes, our expert team will help you apply to the most suitable scholarship for you.

Question 5: What are the qualification of the counsellors?

Answer: You will be dealing with individual expert counsellors who have been trained and certified by respective industry standards.

Question 6: How do I get started?


So you think you want to study abroad, great! Getting started can look like a big process. We’re here to help. Let’s start with these steps.

  • Decide if study abroad is right for you
  • Decide when and where to study abroad
  • Find study abroad programs
  • Talk to your advisors and parents
  • Line up financial resources

Question 7: Can I get PR after studies?

Answer: Yes you can apply for PR after the completion of the term.

Question 8: Can I get a job after my studies?

Answer: Yes you can, most countries give 18 months after the completion of studies to look for a job.

Question 9: How do you deal with my personal information?

Answer: We take utmost care of your personal information and comply with regulations on data protection and GDPR. We Don’t share your Information with anyone.

Question 10: How can I convince my parents to let me study abroad?

Answer: Sometimes parents like to hear the facts so get all your information in order before talking to them. We’ve put together a few pointers for you and your parents to discuss. For Eg. Studying abroad is a great way to learn about different cultures first-hand. It’s also the best way to practice or learn language skills which is another valuable skill in our international economy.

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