Postgraduate education, as the name suggests, can be pursued by those who have completed a Bachelor’s degree at an accredited institution. Studies at the Post-Graduation level are much more focused and specific than the ones at the undergraduate level. Whether you are an international postgraduate student going to the Abroad to study your postgraduate program, or a Indian student who has decided to study abroad – we have lots of great advice to help you with this exciting stage in your life.

Almost everywhere, PG courses are considered to be a part of higher education system, and involve studying and learning for academic or professional degrees, academic or professional diplomas and academic or professional certificates, varying from country to country. The number of students opting for post-graduate studies abroad has increased in recent times. Employers are increasingly looking to hire students who have an international outlook and who are aware of cultures other than theirs. Both the private and public sector employers across the globe acknowledge the importance of procuring a degree abroad and are constantly seeking to hire students with exposure to international standards.

Courses Offered by Abroad PG Universities

The courses offered by Abroad PG universities are:

  • Management & Leadership
  • Computer Sciences
  • Business Administration
  • International Relations
  • Economics
  • Psychology
  • International Business
  • Biology
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Health Sciences

Duration of Studying PG in Abroad

  • The total duration of PG Abroad is three to four years, depend upon specialization.
  • It is free of cost to Study Abroad.

Eligibility Criteria for PG in Abroad

Some important eligibility criteria must be met if you want to do PG Abroad.

  • Check your eligibility with the university you’re applying for
  • Excellent spoken and written English skills
  • A university degree with more than average results (25+ or grade ‘good’)
  • Required Documents for PG in Abroad
  • Scanned mark sheet copies of 10th and 12th standard
  • Birth certificate
  • A valid passport
  • Migration certificate
  • Bank statement of your guardian to authenticate that you can afford the course fee and living expense
  • Medical certificate that has the entire reports on HIV and vaccination
  • Passport size photo
  • The application form that must be filled up
  • Offer letter from the Abroad PG university
  • Graduation course degree certificate
  • Copy of passport translated and notarized in the Abroad language
  • Copy of certificate that provides studies translated and notarized in the Abroad language
  • Payment to national Center Account
  • Video Interview
  • Air tickets


These are the documents needed, and you must show them at the time of admission. The papers must be 100% original. If there is any problem with any of the documents, there might be admission issues.

Step by Step admission Procedure for PG in Abroad

  • Video Interview is conducted
  • State your full name in the interview and passport number
  • Introduce yourself- where you’re from, family background, and former studies
  • Indicate why you have chosen to study Abroad
  • Where did you get information about the university?
  • Why have you chosen this university?
  • Indicate which sphere of study interests you and why?
  • Have you acquainted yourself with a program description and syllabus of the university website?
  • Verbally confirm your request to register.
  • The video must be recorded horizontally.
  • The applicant’s face must be visible.
  • The video must be a minimum of 5 minutes.
  • The applicant isn’t allowed to read from paper during the interview.
  • High-quality video and audio are mandatory (at least +200MB).

Admission Process

  • Firstly, you have to learn the Abroad language pretty well.
  • A field such as medicine needs personal interaction with your patients.
  • Since a PG course mainly teaches you the practical aspect of the course.
  • You must learn the native language to speak to the patients.
  • Before you apply for the course, you must have A1 or A2 level in Abroad basics.
  • After that, get a submission letter for TELC B2 and TELC C1 from a language learning center.
  • A government-approved test works too.
  • After this process, you can apply for an Approbation exam.
  • All your documents will be verified, and if there are any errors, then they will be canceled.
  • There are some viva exams also for admission.

Benefits of Studying PG in Abroad for Indian Students

Abroad is known to have a notable healthcare system. It means that you will have the opportunity of training in state-of-the-art modern infrastructure

  • Abroad has advanced equipment for PG options
  • There are no tuition fees required for PG course in Abroad
  • The cost of education narrows down to zero
  • The PG courses in Abroad offers on-the-job training
  • The hospitals sanction approval for you to try to medical operations
  • The university gives students a monthly stipend which will be around 4500 euros monthly
  • After the completion of the course, the students are awarded “Facharzt.”
  • It means a specialist or consultant
  • Your chances of getting a permanent Abroad Residency are increased.
  • 5-6 years of medical training
  • Indian food available at the universities
  • PG universities in Abroad offer hostel facilities
  • Students can roam around the city and find out new places
  • Students are exposed to the modern culture and heritage of the place
  • They can practice in Abroad as well.

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