Why Study In Netherlands

The Holland/Netherlands/Dutch higher education system is made up primarily of three different types of institution. These are Research Universities, Universities of Applied Science and Institutes for International Education.
Certain degrees levels are only available from each institution type.

Bachelors: Available at Research Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences
Masters: Available at all Institution types
PhDs: Available only at Research Universities

Studying in the Netherlands provides outstanding value through a combination of low tuition, top-notch universities, and a multicultural lifestyle that embraces international students. The Netherlands has 13 research universities, 39 universities of applied sciences, and 14 other institutions. Three research universities specialize in technology and one research university, Wageningen, specializes in agriculture.

Benefits Education in Netherlands

  • Affordable study costs
  • Gateway to Europe
  • 5th happiest place in the world
  • Technical Programs
  • Social Sciences
  • Amsterdam Tourism & Hotel Management
  • Fine Art
  • Group-Based Learning Approach

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